Plan Build Deliver Infographic

  1. Translate your business plan into a marketing blueprint that works.
  2. Make sense of your marketing and get a clear picture of what’s working.
  3. Build a realistic plan to realise your business goals.
  4. Make it happen.

Any one of these is easier said than done.

Only half of businesses have some kind of marketing plan. But most businesses find it hard to keep it going, month on month, year on year. And that can hold them back from realising new opportunities.

We know how frustrating it is when progress is slow. And stressful if you’re not sure what marketing to put in place that will make the difference. Marketing that will support and work seamlessly with your business development.

Our aim is to get you marketing fit – providing clarity, focus and momentum. It usually takes 12 months or more to embed real change. Here’s how we do that.


Always the best starting point. Businesses often dive into the solution without first framing the problem. What that means is that they develop a marketing activity plan without doing the thinking. Without it, you’re marketing in the dark.

Beginning with an initial conversation or workshop we introduce you and your team to a different way of thinking about marketing and business development. We can:

  • Run a full review of your marketing operation identifying any gaps;
  • Design a marketing blueprint and map to develop relationships with your prospects and clients;
  • Give you a prioritised action plan showing you how and when to plug the gaps.


The next step is to work with you to transform your marketing, from yo-yo diet to confident fitness. We work with you to put in place the skills, knowledge, processes, systems and resources that will enable the marketing to happen.


Make sure things happen. This is when the marketing comes to life. We work alongside you as an outsourced marketing director, sounding board and strategic guide. Or you might need someone to mentor you or your marketing team and help implement strategic projects. It could be retained support or quarterly planning meetings. Whatever on-going support works to keep you on track and helps get you marketing fit. 

Touchpoint Traffic Light Report

A unique diagnostic tool that maps your marketing against the Watertight Marketing Touchpoint Leaks™ framework to show you where to focus your marketing efforts.

Mobile phone with Inbound Marketing Strategy screen-shot

“A thought-provoking afternoon during which I was alerted to a number of marketing issues within my firm which need addressing.”

Graham Davies, Senior Partner
Martin Kaye LLP

“Thank you once again for all your input on how to develop our marketing. It has been incredibly helpful, to help us shift to a new mind set. You’ve left us with a much clearer and more structured approach, which will be vital to us keeping momentum..”

Dr. Emily Ryan, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Team Manager
The Bridge Foundation

“The [planning] meeting was an epiphany… If it wasn’t for Rachael’s proactive approach and gentle reminders, nothing would have progressed.”

Ian Else
Ovation Finance